If the way is the goal

‘All animals except humans know that the main duty of life is to enjoy it’
(Samuel Butler 1612-1680)

My journey to live the life I want to live. Forced me to brake free from conditions we’re all teached early on in life and made me challenge myself permanently, making decicions that would effect me for a long time.¬†Ultimately it has taken me to a wide range of countries and have let me meet individuals from all walk of life.

As a self supporting and self-sufficient single woman I strongly rely on myself and therefor my values are utermost important to me.

Below I share my values I true to no matter what situation I face or circumstances I am in:

Authenticity – To be genuine and real, to be true to myself.
Independence – To support myself and choose my own way of doing things.
Self awareness – To be aware of my own thoughts, feelings and actions.
Self care – To look after my health and wellbeing and get my needs met.
Sexuality – To explore or express my sexuality.
Spirituality – To connect with things bigger than myself.

Recognize yourself, hit the ‘tell me’ button or leave a comment below!


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