Smartest species on planet earth!

…or are we just a self absorbed bunch of egoistic individuals?

After a day of heavy rains and storm, this morning I decided to go for a nature walk to enjoy the sea breeze and after that to treat myself for a cappuccino at the local coffee house.

Still windy but sunny and dry I chose jeans and turtle neck and my sneakers. Aware of the fact, that if the sun comes out it quickly warms up. Nevertheless I also took my ‘bad hair day’ cap and my gloves with me, to be prepared in case the weather does a sudden turn. Beside I believe in the saying: “There’s no bad weather, just wrong clothing.”

Not long after I’d left the house and walked the street up the hill, I’d this amazing view over the hills down the the ocean. I couldn’t resist to take out my camera to capture some shots.


Then I walked my way down to the entrance of the Pauatahunui walkway. No need to say that all New Zealand is good structured and signs are in plain sight. I entered the small path into the green and took a deep breath. Nature itself is just such a incredible source of relaxation and I always wonder how a human – created, evolved and made out of natures resources – cannot feel this relief. Maybe it’s because these days people taking everything for granted and are just not aware of the fact, that what nature created she also simply can take away or destroy again in an blink of an eye. Anyhow, shortly after I started walking I got confronted with my overall concern and reason why I wrote my childrens book, why I genuinely believe that all other species are more intelligent then we are.

And because Sunday is my off day I won’t write long, I rather share a short video I took and which speak for itself.

Just a regular Sunday

Enjoy watching. And don’t forget to leave a short comment to share your thoughts with me.

Which photo appeals to you more?

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